Friday, November 28, 2014

As I was going through some stuff I have not come across these things but may be I will see them soon 10 known OS X yosemite issues 10.10.1

If you are good at troubleshooting yourself then these 10 items may help you. 

Saturday, November 22, 2014

It was a quite long time when I am posting something new I was recently working on deploying the apps through TestFlight.  How can we deploy the apps for external and internal users.

How to Add testers

Log into iTunes connect

Create a new application upload the app to iTunes

Under Prerelease you can add the external email Id

When email is checked in iTunes connect under Prerelease an invitation is send to the user

In iTunes Manage Accounts the user you invite for internal testing role can also be seen under Prerelease you can check on/off the users whom you want to invite.  Limit for internal testers 25 per account

When you are done with internal testing now it is time for beta testing add beta tester by adding emails addresses, limit to beta testers is 1000 per account

Testing invitation expires after 30 days

When users downloads the app from invitation you can see that from iTunes Connect

FAQ on TestFlight

When user receives an invitation from email if TestFlight app is not there it takes the user to app store to download the app.

Install app on iOS device

User should have the TestFlight app

TestFlight app open the link from received email and shows  an option to download the beta app for testing.

User can click on install app from TestFlight

If there is a new version available to the app it will overwrite the version you have in device.

If user has live version and you receive an invitation for the same app for beta testing it will update the your live app to beta and vice versa

This is how testFlight works with Apple

TestFlight is acquired by Apple but if it also works as it used to be you can visit the TestFlight site register with them and create apps there for deployment but those will not work with iTunes. 

Limitations: TestFlight with iTunes can work for Appstore deployments

If you want to share apps for Enterprise you can directly create account with TestFlight this has no relation with iTunesConnect